midnight memories.

Yooooo. I am caught between two different places and it's not fun at all. I feel like my life here is swirling in a million directions and I'm not at the point where I can do anything about them yet. It's kind of like 'hmmm if I wait a bit longer, I can make a … Continue reading midnight memories.


never, never far.

I'm listening to the album that inspired one of my favourite manuscripts, and I've come to the (maybe strange) realization that my muse has always been a cross between good music and handsome boys. Sometimes this overlaps into male artists who I like, but most of the time a pretty face and a good song … Continue reading never, never far.


Another year-old drabble. This is about me slowly coming out of depression. Title is from the Utada Hikaru song of the same name. * her face had a salty taste, almost unforgivable, almost etched into her pores like waterfalls. and she flip-flopped so often that, at the end of the day, none of it mattered. … Continue reading ‘blue’