memory: hair salon in Finsbury Park

Today, I find myself thinking about my time in London and my friend's hairdresser. Actually, she is a friend-quaintance. I feel like we could be friendlier with each other, but we've never actually hung out together. She comments on my Instagram posts and I comment on hers, and we have a mutual respect because we're … Continue reading memory: hair salon in Finsbury Park


memory: namsan tower in seoul.

Korea is the kind of place that can make you feel lonely if you're not careful. It's the only place I'd ever been where the concept of a pair wasn't just a concept; for some places in and around Seoul, it felt like a requirement. Meals were cheaper when you ordered two portions. Some places … Continue reading memory: namsan tower in seoul.

memory: beer in asakusa

One of my favourite travel memories has to be when a few friends and I spent the afternoon in Asakusa, Tokyo. I cling to this memory a lot because it was probably the freest I have ever been. The small details of the day don't really matter. The only thing it comes down to is … Continue reading memory: beer in asakusa