just a feeling

I woke up with a strong feeling that something good was going to happen to me today. It's 6:41pm and I feel two things: Feelings are just feelings, and it's okay to have good feelings for no reason. It's okay for feelings to not mean anything in the long run. And. There is something good … Continue reading just a feeling


fixing my back 101

I think lately I've been shouldering a lot of other people's problems and responsibilities and it's really making me a boring person to be around lol. As in, I don't even want to be around myself, I've become so boring. I realized late last night that there are only a few people I talk to … Continue reading fixing my back 101

“just a bit longer.”

I'm a huge believer in soulmates. I think, in general, it's in my character to believe in higher powers and hidden forces and the strings that bring people together. It's such a beautiful concept. There are people who don't believe in such things, and that's okay. Not everyone is wired the same, but that's what's … Continue reading “just a bit longer.”