just some stuff about life

I've been away for a bit, and it wasn't even a long time, but I feel like I still haven't come back to my life. I'm floating. Anyway!! What's cool about having been back home and then coming back to home home is that I can see how I fit in and then don't fit in … Continue reading just some stuff about life


signs from god.

Soooo it's 2018!! I haven't posted anything since late 2017, and wow, what a difference a few months make. I skimmed through a few posts from last year and found I started reading everything in a different voice. I feel so changed from how I was, which I definitely know I owe to both external … Continue reading signs from god.

‘even though i know, i pretend i don’t.’

I always joke and say I'm emotionally unstable, but the older I get, the more I feel it isn't a joke at all. I am always ten seconds away from tears, from thinking about something that makes me too happy to function, from exploding with gratitude and crumbling into the deepest sob you've ever heard. … Continue reading ‘even though i know, i pretend i don’t.’

staying in multiple lanes.

I very often get FOMO -- fear of missing out. Actually, let me rephrase that: I used to very often get FOMO. It's not as frequent, but when it does come up, it's like a tornado ripping through all my solid, mental and emotional work. It unhinges my root chakra (that I've worked s o hard to … Continue reading staying in multiple lanes.

if you don’t have a good reason why, then why not?

Friends are a wonderful invention. To think you can meet people who like you enough without obligation is really cool. They're not related to you, so it's a special kind of relation. They don't have to be around you, but they choose to. Or, I think that's what friendship should be like, in an ideal … Continue reading if you don’t have a good reason why, then why not?