midnight memories.

Yooooo. I am caught between two different places and it's not fun at all. I feel like my life here is swirling in a million directions and I'm not at the point where I can do anything about them yet. It's kind of like 'hmmm if I wait a bit longer, I can make a … Continue reading midnight memories.


fixing my back 103 – the finale.

Everything is okay. I don't know what's been going on the past two days, but everything is fine now. I feel so normal. I realized that I had lost sight of myself and it was forcing all these ugly thoughts into my head, and now I feel like I'm back on stable ground. Feels wonderful. 🙂 People … Continue reading fixing my back 103 – the finale.

‘even though i know, i pretend i don’t.’

I always joke and say I'm emotionally unstable, but the older I get, the more I feel it isn't a joke at all. I am always ten seconds away from tears, from thinking about something that makes me too happy to function, from exploding with gratitude and crumbling into the deepest sob you've ever heard. … Continue reading ‘even though i know, i pretend i don’t.’

staying in multiple lanes.

I very often get FOMO -- fear of missing out. Actually, let me rephrase that: I used to very often get FOMO. It's not as frequent, but when it does come up, it's like a tornado ripping through all my solid, mental and emotional work. It unhinges my root chakra (that I've worked s o hard to … Continue reading staying in multiple lanes.

if you don’t have a good reason why, then why not?

Friends are a wonderful invention. To think you can meet people who like you enough without obligation is really cool. They're not related to you, so it's a special kind of relation. They don't have to be around you, but they choose to. Or, I think that's what friendship should be like, in an ideal … Continue reading if you don’t have a good reason why, then why not?

a fair test.

I'm always proud of the two major takeaways from my elementary school career. The first is what empathy is. My music teacher in grade five was tired of some kids being disruptive, so he told our homeroom teacher and she sat us down one day and wrote the word EMPATHY on the chalkboard. "Does anyone … Continue reading a fair test.