just a feeling

I woke up with a strong feeling that something good was going to happen to me today. It's 6:41pm and I feel two things: Feelings are just feelings, and it's okay to have good feelings for no reason. It's okay for feelings to not mean anything in the long run. And. There is something good … Continue reading just a feeling


praying, praying

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but even though I was baptized Christian, I wouldn't say I'm overly religious. I'm definitely more spiritual than anything. I think spirituality can create a deeper, more authentic bond with higher powers than religion can, simply because religion tends to get caught up in weird doctrines of … Continue reading praying, praying

a fair test.

I'm always proud of the two major takeaways from my elementary school career. The first is what empathy is. My music teacher in grade five was tired of some kids being disruptive, so he told our homeroom teacher and she sat us down one day and wrote the word EMPATHY on the chalkboard. "Does anyone … Continue reading a fair test.