etc etc.

I’m subscribed to this newsletter from a favourite writer/thinker of mine. Her newsletters are pretty much just rambles, sometimes on topic and sometimes not. It makes me want to have a newsletter one day too. Actually, if I’m ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a real platform via publishing, the first thing I’m going to do is set up a newsletter where I can speak directly at people. It’s been a dream of mine lol.

So I’m sat here in my hotel room, waiting on my friends, waiting to go to dinner and karaoke. I’ve been slacking on my 2000 words/day for my latest manuscript, so I’m wondering if I can still finish on time. But I’m determined. When I’m back home next week, I’ll find time to double down on word counts. Is it even possible to write 4000 words in a day? 4000 words that are coherent and have feelings? I guess we’ll see.

I’m listening to this now.


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