fixing my back 102

Let’s try this again.

I think, a long time ago, I had gotten used to the idea of myself as emotional support. I think everyone has a purpose in life and maybe that was just mine. I seem to know too many people who only seem to come to me with their issues. I didn’t seem to mind it before — I often don’t mind being a support to others.

But damn, recently, I’ve been feeling it. My soul is full with all this bullshit and I need it gone lol. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I need a break.

Going out today, which I know definitely won’t help, but maybe I’ll have time to reset this weekend. I have a manuscript to write and books to read. I want to unwind completely.

But generally, I don’t know what to do. There’s no balance in my life, I realize this. I realize this is probably one of the main reasons I feel so empty. It might sound a bit cliche and ugh, but I do kinda wish I had someone to talk to. That’s one selfish reason I started this blog. You’re my someone to talk to.



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