“what is the nicest thing someone has said to you?”


What is the nicest thing someone has said to you?

Oh god, there’s definitely been more than one, but I feel horrible now because I can’t remember any of them but the first. And I only remember the first because it was so unexpected and it was the first real compliment anyone had ever really paid me. And it resonated so much because it came from someone who I kind of looked up to in a way.

This guy I was semi-friends with had asked me for help with something. I can’t remember the logistics. In high school, I was the quiet, artistic kid. I would scribble lyrics and poetry in my agenda and keep to myself most of the time. So when this sometimes-friend had asked me for a favour — it was probably something artistic or computer-related — I jumped at the chance to really help out. And afterwards, he said about me, in front of a group of people: “O is like a diamond in the rough.”

And I thought that was the nicest fucking thing.

Mainly because I felt invisible in high school, as kids often do, and didn’t expect attention from anyone nor did I seek it out. But I knew I had my own special talents. It was just nice that someone else acknowledged that.



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