“where does beauty come from?”

Asking them questions.

Where does beauty come from?

Beauty is both internal and external. We can’t lie and say that someone’s looks don’t influence public perception. We can’t lie and say pretty privilege doesn’t exist.

But! What I think is great about beauty is that it can be transcendent. It can exist inside as strongly as it exists outside. If you have a beautiful soul and a beautiful personality, it will make you more attractive. That’s what I believe, anyway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is also what makes it so unique. We can all look at someone like [insert a conventionally attractive celebrity here] and agree he or she is attractive. But I feel like to say someone is “beautiful” encompasses not only looks but personality. If someone is beautiful, they are attractive inside and out. So, to be honest, anyone can be beautiful, which in of itself is a beautiful thing 🙂

–but from within, it comes from within. There.


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