stable ground

I am a creative, but I am sometimes too pragmatic for my own good.

I’ve done away with “plan Bs” and am now only sticking to Plan A — but still, I hide money and long for security because that’s how I am. It’s in my nature.

I want to be unafraid by change, truly. Change doesn’t bother me to a degree. If something happens, I’m much better now than I was at adapting and rerouting. I enjoy it, actually. There are so few boundaries up in my life that I can change when need be. I am flexible and I love it.

But the few things I’m not flexible on, I really can’t see myself changing. I want to believe that if I didn’t have a stable life, I could still be happy, but that’s not true. I need stability. I want it so badly. Everything else can come and go, but stability needs to stay.

Is it worth bending for that just to be truly flexible? I’m not so sure.


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