gratitude check.

I am grateful in this very moment for:

  1. Being sick and recovering. I caught a fever or something really dumb on Sunday evening and spent the entire day yesterday in bed. I get sick maybe twice a year — maybe — and I am generally used to allergies, so whenever I get sick sick, I never know what to do. Regardless, it didn’t last too long and I’m feeling maybe 50% better today. I’m just happy it was a minor sickness and my body has the ability to recover as quickly as it does. It’s nice to know my cells and organs haven’t given up on me.
  2. Remote work. Didn’t lose any hours! I hate to prioritize money over health in any way, shape, or form. I technically slept yesterday more than I worked, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to choose how productive I wanted to be. My job is the truest blessing these days lol.
  3. Ice cream. I just heard the ice cream truck outside and, while I don’t have any ice cream in my house, I just really like cookies n’ cream. Also, I’m grateful that I’m not lactose.
  4. Writing. I’ve been neglecting my latest work-in-progress, but I just opened up the file and I’m ready to dive back into it. I think I’ll take some time reading it first before I decide what happens next or where I need to go with it. I’m grateful for writing the most because it continues to be my most valuable asset, my one true skill, and the one thing that has carried me through life and will continue to do so.
  5. Scented lotion. I’m sick so I feel like I always smell a bit like death. This scented lotion I bought is wonderful.

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