I just came back from this event with friends and friends of friends (remember how I mentioned I had this thing?) .

Well, it was boring.

I was so bored.

I, overall, was so, so incredibly bored.

But I’m not sure why, to be honest. The friends that were there are cool people and I enjoyed their company. The food was okay, but I think I might honestly just be against all-you-can-eat places because copious amounts of food freak me out. I laughed a fair amount, which is always a good judge of a situation in my opinion, but a part of me still felt a bit out of place. I don’t know why but overall I just wasn’t feeling the vibe. It was no good for me.

This makes me feel as if I have to be more selective in choosing who I want to be around. All I can think of is “I left my house for this?” and I don’t want to feel that way — depleted — after dinner with friends. It’s not fair to anyone. They deserve someone who will be attentive and engaging for real, not me who was essentially too tired to not fake it. And damn, faking it is hard too.

In any case. Lesson learned. Only do things that bring you joy.


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