It’s August 1.

I feel very strongly that this will be a good month for me and I’m excited for a lot of the good things that I’m wishing for to come into the light. Alternatively, I’m also excited for the good things I haven’t wished for but are meant for me to come into the light. 🙂 It’s just going to be a good month overall.

July was also amazing. It was my birth month, and I really did spend every single day like it was my birthday. Only good things happened to me in July. Actually, this is a lie: I caught a weird stomach bug over this past weekend, and a singer from one of my favourite childhood groups killed himself on my birthday. But! Despite all that, I landed a very cool job. I spent time around good people. I took one closer to step to realizing my goals.

I’m on a break from work now and am going to spend some time writing. I’m in between two manuscripts and unsure which one to continue. One is adult, one is young adult. The YA one might be easier to finish, simply because I can get through it faster, but the adult one is the story I’m really interested in. It’s hard. Do I want to have a completed manuscript or an intellectually challenging one? This is a constant question on how I operate anyway: do I want things done or good? Hmmt.

I also started a wish book after a friend told me about hers. I keep wanting to refer to it as a grimoire. It’s not — there are no spells and I’m not a witch. But!! I do believe I’m magical. For the past few months as I’ve grown deeper in my spirituality, I find that I’ve become more intuitive and can speak things into reality a bit easier. It’s actually so cool. In any case, everything I write in my wish book comes true — this is the only rule I have for it. It’s kind of like Death Note, except nobody dies. But I’ve written things like “I want to meet more female friends” and I’m now going to an event next Saturday with a bunch of women I don’t know, so there’s that. I’ve written “I want more money” and I’m now suddenly $200 richer. It’s wonderful, also slightly terrifying, but wonderful anyway and I welcome it wholeheartedly.

That’s really all that’s new.

August will bring more newness. That’s a promise to myself.


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