what I need to do is…

Have faith in the process.

Have faith that things will turn out in my favour.

Have faith that I know where I’m going, that I know what I’m doing, and that my desires and actions are being monitored.

Have faith that what I want is also looking for me, and we’re going to find each other on common ground very soon.

Have faith that good things are allowed to happen to me by virtue of my nature; in that I am good, I was born good, and I strive to be even better.

Have faith, have faith in the process.

I have a really bad habit of panicking. It’s taken me awhile to admit it, but I actually live in a constant state of panic. Nothing can ever just be — I’m always subconsciously waiting for something; waiting to take action, whether it’s good or bad, whether it’s reactionary or precautionary. Caution. Honestly, who has caution helped? Who?

I want more than anything to break this cycle of panic. I don’t want it to be normalized anymore. I don’t want to dwell on being without; I want to only focus on having enough. I am only going to focus on having enough. 🙂


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