more often

I love you. I’d never had the reason to say it before. I thought you knew. I thought you were listening. But I’ve learned to understand maybe more that look in your eyes says “no” and I’m together now with that idea. I’m together now. this idea of growth, this idea of love, I understand … Continue reading more often



Another year-old drabble. This is about me slowly coming out of depression. Title is from the Utada Hikaru song of the same name. * her face had a salty taste, almost unforgivable, almost etched into her pores like waterfalls. and she flip-flopped so often that, at the end of the day, none of it mattered. … Continue reading ‘blue’

‘the rain leaves a scar’

Another drabble from a year ago. This one is about when I lived with the worst flatmates during my time in London. Title is from the L'Arc~en~Ciel song of the same name. * she had only known them for awhile, but she wasn’t sure they were capable of murder (what a dirty word) and she wanted to … Continue reading ‘the rain leaves a scar’