“just a bit longer.”

I’m a huge believer in soulmates. I think, in general, it’s in my character to believe in higher powers and hidden forces and the strings that bring people together. It’s such a beautiful concept.

There are people who don’t believe in such things, and that’s okay. Not everyone is wired the same, but that’s what’s great about the human experience. We are all so different, full stop. So many people like to say that “we’re all the same” and while I do believe we have similarities, I don’t believe we have more similarities than differences. I think they’re equal, and regardless, I think they’re all beautiful. Acknowledging the differences is the key, though. The point is to love each other despite.

I’m getting off-track.

Soulmates and fate.

–oh, and I believe in magic! I think that all goes hand in hand. You have to believe in magic in some way, shape, or form to believe in the cosmic workings that bring people together. What a concept, though. That I was born to meet you, or meet him, or meet her, or meet them, and together, we are better than we are apart. That my being born might have helped someone. That my faith in something might have transformed someone.

Sometimes I feel my soul restless in my body, bumping against my skin and pulsating. I sometimes feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience; like I’m viewing the room from somewhere else. It’s hard to explain. It isn’t like I’m floating above my head or something, but that I’m looking through my eyes, but I am someone else. It’s those times that I believe the most in higher powers and the collective thought. It’s those times that I feel most like I’m a part of a greater human fabric.

When I think of myself as a part of a larger picture, I also think of this other person. He is a he. He is kind, he is tall, he is interesting. He is nothing like me, but our paths are woven together and eventually we’re going to meet each other. Can I say that? I’ve never really said that to anyone before, but it’s what I believe. I believe it so much.

I believe we’re living parallel lives that will converge. I feel this so strongly and I feel I’ve been seeing hints that this is true for a long time. Did you know that almost everyone I’ve met, I’ve met before? Let me try to explain. This isn’t some mystical magical explanation — just literally before I become friends with someone, I have been in a place where we’ve crossed paths before. This has happened with almost half of my close friends. When we finally meet, our conversations always include something like: “Yeah, I loved that concert… wait, you were there too? … that’s so cool! …. is that you in my picture?!” Synchronicity at work!

Maybe it’s naive of me to believe in such things, but I think the beautiful thing about belief is that it doesn’t need permission (and! As long as you aren’t intentionally or unintentionally hurting anyone, you can believe what you want). I do not believe for anyone’s approval or for conversation’s sake. I believe because I feel it’s wasteful not to. That, and, I don’t believe the world can just exist on a plane of its own. There are so many layers.

In any case, I just finished watching Your Name (君の名は) and it was very good. 🙂 In case you were wondering what prompted this late-night ramble. I believe there’s a good quote I could include here, but I can’t remember it at all.


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